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kwentong pusa

Asan ka. Sinong kasama mo. Gising ka na ba. Kasama ba ako sa panaginip mo.

social incapabilit

even if its just a murmur you could easily pretend you didnt hear and just leave me alone biting my tongue and paranoid I feel that fucking hollowness again. that sense of failure again.

Project Hardcore
(Mixed by Noize Bangerz &

Project Hardcore #PH14 (Mixed by Noize Bangerz & F.N0ize) (2014) Hardcore, Hard Techno | b2s Records 320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 12 December, 2014 | 04:58:04 | 693 MbTracklist: 01. Bloodcage - Stress 02. Evil Activities - Dead Man Walking #tih 03. Placid K - Trippin' (Edit) 04. Noize Suppressor - Let These Motherfuckers Know 05. Pandorum - Reconnect 06. Tommyknocker - Before You Go #tih 07. Angerfist - Knock Knock 08. Noize Bangerz ft. MC Jeff - Leaders Of The Core (#PH14 Anthem) 09. N-Vitral & Triax - The Reaper 10. Noize Suppressor - Carnival Of Doom 11. DJ Mad Dog - Rewind #tih (Edit) 12. Stereotype ft. NoizeяSuppressor - Break It Down 13. Angerfist & Noize Suppressor - Bring The Pain 14. Noize Bangerz - Here We Go 15. Sei2ure - Informer 16. Tommyknocker ft. Unexist - Ghost Rider 17. Noize Suppressor & Stereotype - Never Look Back 18. Meccano Twins - Inner Side (The Sickest Squad Remix) 19. Neophyte Records All Stars - Door Het Dak! 20. The Melodyst -... (more)

Asal Aku Blog
tahun baru bakal tiba 2015
lama betol aku tak tulis disini! dah nak sampai tahun 2015! aku semakin tua! rumah kata pergi...kubur kata mari! anak2 dah poon besar...bini pulak pon dah tua! sama2...tua! dimana ketenangan? dimana kebahagian...? masi mencarikah aku?

Plant Stanol
10 healthy eating tips on how to lower your cholesterol

There are many factors that contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases, like age, genes and lifestyle. But there’s good news. Few changes to your eating habit can help lower your cholesterol naturally, reducing your risk for heart disease. Here are 10 healthy eating tips to help you reduce high cholesterol levels naturally. 1. Stay away from saturated fat when cooking. Instead of using butter, you can use liquid cooking oils or nonstick pans. You roast, boil or steam your food instead of frying to minimize saturated fat consumption. 2. Go for low-fat dairy products. Instead of consuming dairy foods like whole milk, you can go for their nonfat versions. 3. Consume more vegetables and fruits. Eating more greens helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. 4. Drink moderately. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggests no more than 1 drink a day for female, and 1 or 2 drinks a day for male. Moderate drinking can lessen the risk of heart disease, but heavy... (more)

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